Oyster M30

Oyster M30


Expand the life of your baseballs in as little as 30 minutes with the Oyster M30.

You wash your jeans when they get a bit dirty, right? And, you clean dirt on material all around you. Why is that? You know - it’s so the items you invested in and that you use often last as long as possible and look like they were designed to look. So, why not all of your baseballs?

As you know, baseballs are crucial, yet expensive; and get more expensive each year. Grrrr. Then, they get dirty absurdly fast. And dark, dirty baseballs suck. Regardless where the discoloration comes from; from clay, dirt, grass, netting, or from those black-particle thingies under some turf, it all hurts the ball - which, in turn - hurts The Game. And, of course, most importantly for those that get it, white baseballs just feel better.

Now you can take control with a machine and simple process:

  • The Oyster M30 is a dry-process tumbler made proudly in the USA.

  • The tumbling media is rubber. We call it M30 Cleaning Compound.

  • Max 30 baseballs and M30 cleaning compound added to drum.

  • Auto-timer set, drum rotates, and balls and compound interact within the astro-turb lined drum.

  • The compound acts as a gentle eraser lifting stains from the leather, minimizing friction with the seams.

  • One cycle approximately 1-4 hours (varies by dirtiness level).

  • Cleaning compound lasts approx 3-5 years, depending on usage, dirt type, dirtiness amount, and other variable factors. You can purchase more M30 Cleaning Compound here.

  • Solid Bonus: No need to rubdown dozens of baseballs with dirt. Seriously. Get them tacky, grippable, and ready for gametime in 60 seconds. Yep, we’re talking about “Pre--Game Baseball Prep Optimization .”

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The Oyster M30™ revives dirty baseballs back towards their original white. Yep, have white balls all year and spend less on balls each year. It is currently being used by baseball academies, high schools, top universities, youth programs, and professional teams across the US; and is quickly becoming a standard product for any serious baseball program. Here’s why:

  1. Spend Less on Baseballs Each Year. By prolonging the useful life of each baseball, The Oyster saves programs a ton of dough; programs record a savings from 20-40%.

  2. Enhance Your Game.  Pearls are used in games, so why would you want to practice with dark & dirty baseballs? From picking up ball rotation during BP, to seeing the ball off the bat, it’s crucial to simulate game-time scenarios with white baseballs during practice. Plus, since white baseballs are easier to pick up, it is much safer to practice with pearls.

  3. Boost Player Morale and Program Status. Digging through a bucket of dirty baseballs to find a decent one …well… it stinks. Walking up to a bucket of pearls everyday is awesome. Having a baseball academy or program that ALWAYS has white pearls is even more awesome! Only true baseball players, coaches, and equipment managers can fully understand this point.

How it Works

The Oyster M30 uses Tumbling Elastomer Technology to gently clean the leather of baseballs. An AstroTurf-lined drum filled with a specialized rubber compound rotates at the optimized rate, causing the rubber to gently lift dirt off of the baseballs. The process takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a handful of hours, depending on the dirtiness level of the balls. Since the run-times can vary, a timer is included to manage cycle run-times. The drum is removable for ease of use and can clean up to 30 baseballs at one time.

What You Get

  • Peace of mind with our 100% Satisfaction, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty (See more details on our Guarantee and Warranty Page)

  • A sturdy, reliable machine designed by NASA engineers / ex-baseball players and proudly made in the USA

  • Powder-Coated Carbon Steel base and drum (aka sturdy and rust-proof)

  • AstroTurf-lined drum to protect balls and minimize operating noise.

  • Removable Drum for convenience of filling/removing balls

  • Full Set of Rubber Cleaning Compound (135 Pieces)

  • Side-Mounted Timer to easily manage run times

  • Back-handle and never-go-flat wheels for machine mobility