the welsh brothers

between the lines, llc

About us

n 2009, the Welsh brothers began brainstorming about a professional-grade machine that would clean baseballs. They officially joined forces in 2010 as Between the Lines, LLC and aggressively pursued the design of this new product, which they called “The Oyster”. Why this particular name? Because the the machine makes “pearls”, a common baseball term for brand new baseballs. While Sam Welsh worked at NASA’s Mission Control Center in Houston, TX and Mike Welsh worked as a marketing specialist in the financial industry in Dallas, TX,  the duo grinded it out, iterating on design requirements with other spacecraft engineers. Leveraging the help of an up-and-coming product manufacturing engineer, they developed the first prototype of The Oyster.



Our First Oyster Prototype

Though this particular model showed promise, the results were sub-par, and there were faced with a number of technical issues. Though frustrating at the time, this era became the back-bone of the process.  Mike and Sam spent countless hours testing, researching, modifying, and testing again. They would not stop until they found the correct “recipe”.  Finally, in Sam’s garage late one night in November of 2010 they had amazing results cleaning 30 dirty baseballs from a nearby baseball academy – The Oyster M30 was born!

Between the Lines began working with a state-of-the-art fabrication company in Dallas called Innovative Machine and Laser (what we call just “Innovative“) to get production started. Innovative Machine and Laser sure did deliver! They went above and beyond to help perfect the fabrication and assembly process. Today, Innovative uses advanced manufacturing techniques to fabricate all sheet metal components of The Oyster M30.

The Oyster has been sold to every type of baseball program at every level, including professional programs, universities, high schools, youth programs, and baseball academies. All customers are ecstatic with the results and sales are on the rise!